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Service agreement

Service agreement

For a taxi entrepreneur applying for a service agreement – or someone wishing to be a taxi entrepreneur.

The new dispatch and payment system improves the operation of the taxi centre operating under the HELSINGIN TAKSI business name.

HELSINGIN TAKSI and Finn Frogne A/S signed an agreement on 4 October 2019 on a new dispatch and payment system. The system enables us to dispatch more taxis and introduce new payment function to improve our customer service.

Join the new system

The new system will be launched in November 2019. Owing to increased capacity, we need some 300 new vehicles to meet the need in the Helsinki region. We offer you a chance to joint our dispatch service either under trade name or as a limited company. Service agreements are still available.

Service agreement reservation

The service agreement is completed in three stages:

  1. Fill in and submit the application
  2. We will send you an invoice for the service agreement
  3. Pay the invoice and keep the receipt

A service agreement may be reserved either under your own name, trade name or limited company. You can reserve as many service agreements as you need, we are not limiting it, because only once they have been paid will they entitle the holder to join HELSINGIN TAKSI's Frogne dispatch and payment system. Each reservation that has been paid for entitles you to one vehicle in the Frogne system.

Until 15 November 2019, the price of a service agreement is EUR 900 (one-off payment). The basic monthly payment for the dispatch and payment system is EUR 95. All prices are given with 0% VAT.

Please note

Each accepted service agreement application entitles you to include one vehicle in HELSINGIN TAKSI's Frogne system. Taxi services must be started with the designated vehicle latest six (6) months from the date when the agreement was approved. For a good reason, a postponement may be granted.

The service agreement can be traded. The company has the right to redeem the service agreements from their holders if the holders put them up for sale.

The change in the holder of a service agreement must be approved by the company's Board, which has the right to redeem it from the holder who has put it up for sale.


If you haven't got a car yet, don't worry! HELSINGIN TAKSI has agreed with several importers that a new driver will be given a turnkey leasing agreement, consisting of everything that a taxi entrepreneur needs:

  • The Frogne dispatch and payment system
  • A new car or a used one in good condition according to the driver's choice
  • Road risk insurance for use of car requiring licence
  • Taxi roof light with a number and the HELSINGIN TAKSI text
Helsingin taksin taksikupu

All of this is available in the same package for EUR 680–1200 a month, depending on the vehicle you have chosen.

Hire purchase is also possible. When choosing a car, we advise you to pick one that is suitable for a number of purposes.

Taxi licence

If you haven't got a taxi licence, we'll help you get one.

Taxi drivers licence

Our taxi school will train persons who are going to take the taxi licence test. The training takes 10–20 hours, depending on the person's speed of learning.

Taxi driver's monthly earnings

If you do the driving yourself and manage 20–22 shifts a month, you can easily earn EUR 7,000–9,000, of which about EUR 2,500 goes to the above expenses and fuel, the taxable monthly income being EUR 4,500–6,500.

If you hire someone else to drive the car and the car is used 24/7, the monthly earnings will be EUR 14,000–25,000.


If you're not happy with the FROGNE dispatch and payment system, we will redeem the Service Agreement(s) from you.

Service agreement application

Trade name
Private person

Fill in the details carefully, as we will be sending you invoices for the Service Agreement(s) you have applied for. Only applications that have been paid for will be considered, and will be processed in the order received when setting up the FROGNE dispatch and payment system.

Why did Helsingin Taksi choose the Frogne dispatch and payment system?

The Frogne dispatch and payment system is used by more than 24,000 taxis in the Nordic countries, such as the following:

  • Sverige Taxi (Sweden)
  • ITF (Norway)
  • Cabonline
  • Kymenlaakson Taksi
  • Lähitaksi
  • Keskustaksi